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Shablol is the 1st Arabic Shablol is the first Arabic social media site for kids between the age of 6 and 14. The objective of Shablol is to provide the Arab kids with fun, entertainment and educational games in a safe and moderated environment. As such Shablol has been a success among Arab kids in the MENA region reaching an average of 28 million page views on a monthly bases. Shablol is the Ideal platform for brands to engage with kids by introducing them to their products and creating a strong relationship with them leading to "brand love". Shablol does not usually entertain banner advertising as it is against our policy to drive traffic from the Safety of Shablol to any other site regardless how safe it is. Being a social media site with a virtual world, Shablol allows brands to add value to the kids' lives by entertaining them, giving them information and promoting educational and fun games. Thus kids get to engage with the brand on a grass-root level and see where the brand's core values come through by having "a conversation" with the brand itself. Brand campaigns on Shablol are always custom made to ensure the brand's objectives are met on time and with the ideal budgets. 





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